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Prepare for the upcoming Golden Week

We are on the dawn of National Day Golden Week. What is the impact on your supply chain and what can you do to avoid the cargo rush?

National Day Golden Week

Given the current market situation in Asia due to COVID-19, the Golden Week this year (from 1 October to 7 October) will most likely have a greater impact on your supply chain than previous years.

What to expect from Golden Week?

During this week, most Chinese government institutions and factories will be closed. Important (air)ports and terminals will mainly keep running with a minimal skeleton crew. It is to be expected that factories and (air)ports will not immediately run at full capacity after October 7th.

When is DSV China closed?

DSV in China will close its offices during this week. It is our goal to limit the impact of Golden week as much as possible with 2 adjusted working days on Sunday 26 September and Saturday 9 October this year. In addition, DSV Macao will be closed on 1, 2 and 4 October. DSV Hong Kong will only be closed on 1 October.

What can you do to limit the impact of Golden Week 2021?

While we do everything we can to minimize the influence of Golden Week on our processes, you can do something yourself:

  • Keep an open and clear communication with your suppliers and customers to avoid disappointments and possible delays;
  • Try to place bookings earlier if possible:
    • For sea freight: 3-4 weeks before Golden Week;
    • For air freight: 1-2 weeks before Golden Week;
  • If possible, indicate which shipment is most urgent for you;
  • Create extra time into your planning on top of your regular planned supply chain.

For any questions please contact your regular contact persons within DSV Air & Sea.

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