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Smart XPress

Fast, flexible and easy to use.

DSV Smart XPress offers a worldwide door-to-door solution for shipments that are consolidated at origin country. Landed costs will be minimalized by clearing customs as a single unit and eliminate the need to hold the shipments in your warehouse until the final delivery is arranged. The bulk shipment will be deconsolidated at DSV warehouse to ensure that individual shipments are delivered to the end receivers.

DSV Smart XPress

Here is how DSV Smart XPress works

  • Individual shipment details and shipping labels are prepared using our online booking portal.
  • Shipments will be collected (if applicable from multiple shippers) and consolidated into one master (bulk) shipment
  • Customs formalities at destination are processed in the name the Importer of Record. Should the final destination be outside of the EU, T1 documents will be issued instead
  • Once the consolidated shipment clears Customs at destination, it is broken down at DSV warehouse.
  • Individual shipments are then injected into the distribution network using Road or Courier services, and delivered to final consignees.

Get in contact with your local DSV contact person for more information or download our Smart XPress flyer.

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