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There is an easier way to pre-finance the purchase of your goods

This is how it works: we pay your supplier within the agreed payment term. You then receive a new invoice for the goods from DSV. This allows you to extend the original payment term to a maximum of 120 days.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, it can be challenging to obtain financing for purchased goods. Lenders have additional requirements that must be met before credit can be granted. This makes the application of such credit a difficult procedure.

Easy pre-financing of goods

 DSV offers an easier solution to this. We help customers pre-finance their goods. We do this without registration fees, without a minimum financing requirement and without any additional loan conditions. The result? A transparent, efficient, and cost-effective way to optimise your cash flow. Register today for a free account.


Finance your shipments without stress in 7 easy steps

Keep your cash flow flexible without missing a single payment

With DSV Supply Chain Finance you will find the easy way to balance between financial agreements with suppliers and your own payment agreements with customers. So, you can keep your cashflow healthy and flexible

Register today for DSV Supply Chain Finance

To find out what DSV Supply Chain Finance can do for you and to receive your first quote, register for a free account today. 

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