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Excellent Engineering is the backbone in transport and logistics

Do you create the systems that keep our companies running?

As our new colleague, you will have a network of 2,000 professionals spread across countries and regions around the world.
Engineer DSV

Help build the future success of DSV

Engineering and IT is a growing and integral part of DSV. Every day we work to achieve breakthroughs and provide new intelligent solutions for our operations and customers. We continuously apply our knowledge and skills to improve our digital capabilities, strengthen our position in the industry and accelerate DSV's growth and success.

With talented teams and a thriving innovation lab and technology portfolio, we offer our people the opportunity to advance their careers, for example by working with and developing intelligent state-of-the-art technologies, which are implemented on a global scale in DSV's international network.

As one of the world's largest third-party logistics service providers, we play an important role in global logistics operations. We are on a mission to become a digital leader in our field and to set the standard for the industry. Are you ready for the challenge of making DSV a digital industry leader?

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