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Our customers vary from small businesses with single shipments to large, multinational companies where we manage their entire supply chain

  • Almo Nature

    The pet food market is constantly expanding and the search for efficiency and optimisation has risen to the top of the agenda for major companies in the sector. Among them is Almo Nature, a producer of high-end quality cat and dog food, which is a DSV customer for warehousing and transport.
  • Aalborg Zoo

    When a customer's cargo needed very special handling, DSV's specialists were once again on hand with expertise and precise planning.
  • Alfred Wegener Institute

    From the North Pole to the South Pole, Alfred Wegener Institute ventures deep into the unknown – to places only a handful of us will ever set foot on.
  • Capri

    Trust, flexibility and scale made all the difference in mitigating supply chain disruptions, ensuring capacity and supporting Capri’s business requirements.
  • Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate

    After two major cocoa blazes in The Netherlands, DSV and Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate decided to work together on designing a new, inherently fire-safe approach to storing cocoa. Two new warehouses have been specially equipped to store cocoa products, and in particular cocoa powder.
  • Copenhagen Metro

    DSV transported a total of 385,000 tonnes of concrete parts through the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • County Turf

    How many trucks does it take to supply a football pitch? It takes 24 trucks, all of them refrigerated and meticulously timed.
  • Dräxlmaier

    Carbon reports help track and minimize emissions from transport.
  • dm drogerie markt Italy

    Keeping the supply chains flowing. With first Northern Italy on COVID-19 lockdown and now the whole country, DSV continues to ensure that supply chains are flowing.
  • Drogerie markt

    Last-mile delivery for dm-drogerie markt in Germany. Long-lasting relationship is built on trust and clear communications.
  • Elizabeth Arden

    We help you look gorgeous. A strong logistics setup and a control tower set the stage for ethereal beauty.
  • Flying lions from Korea to USA

    Shipping live animals takes a special touch. Flying lions from Korea to the USA.
  • Fresenius Medical Care Danmark A/S

    Life-saving logistics. Each week, dialysis patients in Denmark get life-saving deliveries from DSV.
  • Hologic

    Working together for healthcare logistics. DSV supports Hologic in empowering people to live healthier lives.
  • Hyundai Engineering

    DSV successfully delivers its heaviest single piece of project cargo in Asia in recent years
  • imerco

    During the Chinese New Year, household goods retailer Imerco needed several sea freight containers to leave China for Europe immediately.
  • Indian Customs Clearance

    We never let our eye off the ball. DSV is a specialist in the shipment of live animals.
  • Mercurius

    Home furnishings group needed a flexible logistics partner in the Middle East.
  • Milak the polar bear

    Shipping a 280kg live animal to its new home. Milak the polar bear has travelled safe and sound over the Atlantic Ocean to a new life in Canada.
  • Mölnlycke Health Care

    Simplifying the logistics setup. Mölnlycke Health Care, a Swedish company, has successfully expanded to become a global provider of single-use surgical and wound care products.
  • Norsk Solar

    DSV delivers clean energy to emerging markets
  • Pelago Bicycles

    If you want to grow, outsource your logistics to the experts. Finnish bicycle manufacturer chose DSV as its one-stop shop for their international expansion.
  • Pókemon

    We know where your Pokémon are. DSV manages the logistics - for the physical Pokémon.
  • Portioli Coffee

    Last-mile delivery -  to restaurants, hotels and cafés.A small but growing organisation with only limited knowledge of logistics needs a provider to embrace it and nurture it.
  • Rawbite

    Dream high - DSV helps start-up climb. Rawbite started out shipping its products by taking packages to the post office, but quickly needed a better transport and logistics provider for their rapidly growing business.
  • Spendrups

    Yes we can! Intelligent logistics reduce environmental impact.
  • Spin Master

    Serious logistics for child's play.Drop shipping and innovative warehouse management.
  • Stannah

    Warehouse efficiency that reduces costs.Previously, Stannah had maintained all of its own direct installation storage and distribution premises around the UK.
  • Under Armour

    On the fast track with Under Armour. Running the inbound logistics for performance athletic apparel and footwear.
  • UnILIN

    Mutual core values makes for a long-standing relationship.Trading together for over 7 years.

    Detailed reports bring clarity to logistics.The Danish company VELUX insists on transparency in its business as well as its products.
  • Weir

    When we say global transport and logistics, we really mean it.Urgent international transport from the US to KSA.
  • Winfield Africa

    We keep the supply chain cold.DSV flies perishable avocados from Kenya to Europe.
  • Winled

    Lighting the way to growth. With nearly 20 suppliers of components all over the world, Winled needed help with its supply chain.
  • Zalkin

    Made-to-measure service for out-of-gauge shipments.When French bottling and capping manufacturers Zalkin needed a complete set of industrial machines shipped to a customer in Mexico, they called DSV.
  • Zenvo Automotive

    How DSV successfully transported two customised hypercars across the Atlantic

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