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We keep the supply chain cold

Kenya is one of the world’s largest exporters of avocados. The delicious, healthy fruit is a major challenge to get from farm to consumer: arrive too early and they are not ready to eat, arrive too late and they are over-ripe and cannot be sold.

Keeping them at the correct temperature all the way from farm to supermarket shelf over a journey of thousands of kilometres is a precise, logistical operation. One which Winfield Africa entrusts to DSV.

Since we started working with DSV, our customers are much happier because the avocados arrive on time and very few have to be rejected because the cold chain failed.

Rubina Khan, Marketing Director, Winfield Africa

The cold chain starts at Winfield’s farms and continues to Nairobi airport, where DSV has dedicated cold rooms for all refrigerated and perishable products. On arrival in London 12 hours later, unloading and transfer to refrigerated trailers for onward transfer to supermarkets demands swift customs clearance – something which DSV also handles.


About Winfield Africa

Winfield Africa is an indigenous trading company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.
Trading for over 20 years, Winfield Africa has recently moved into the agriculture sector and built a network of farmers to assist with developing high standards of crop cultivation and post-harvest management.

Winfield Africa is striving to change the way agriculture is viewed in Africa and is keen to partner with businesses wanting to explore the great opportunities that East Africa has to offer.

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