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Keeping the supply chains flowing

With first Northern Italy on COVID-19 lockdown and now the whole country, DSV continues to ensure that supply chains are flowing.

dm drogerie markt is one of the thousands of companies who use DSV, and as the German-based retailer sells food, non-prescription pharmaceuticals and hygiene products, DSV pulled out all the stops to make sure their shops continue to be supplied to serve all the needs of their customers.

Over the last 4 weeks, we have seen demand increase, and we have worked hard to satisfy the needs of almost 40 shops which are based in the north of Italy, the area most affected by COVID-19.

Specifically, the DSV team has successfully dealt with increases in inbound movements to the warehouse of 8 %, a 48% increase in labelling tasks, a 26% increasing in picking work and a massive 41% increase in outbound movements to dm’s shops.

We have also taken all necessary extra precautions to reduce virus transmission.

“We immediately understood that we had to adapt quickly if we wanted to keep dm’s goods flowing to its shops, so we ramped up our efforts in the shortest possible time.”

Marco Balsamo, DSV Road Operations in Verona, Italy

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