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Offering extended services to our valued clients. We keep your best interests and bottom line in check, providing you with peace of mind.

Client Commodity Database Program 

Our Client Commodity Database Program helps set you up for success. The cornerstone of this program is your Import Commodity Database (ICD) of H.S. Tariff Classifications. Having this database set up correctly from the start is critical to reduce your customs non-compliance risks and maximizing your profit margins by minimizing your duty outlays on imported goods.

We obtain your previous four years of importing history on file with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). This data is analyzed against our confidential database of Canadian Customs Rulings, in addition to Relevant World Customs Organization and foreign customs administration classification decisions. As necessary, DSV will then obtain favorable rulings in your name and file for the recovery of duty overpayments made on your previous importations.

Through our program, you gain the confidence that your Import Commodity Database is properly set up to minimize your landed cost and maximize the compliance of your future importations.

You also may benefit from receiving money back from the government as a result of any unknown duty overpayments.

Duty Drawback

Although this process can be complicated, it does not have to be. Our team of specialists are experts in supporting your company through the duty drawback process.

We simplify the process and provide you with the best options.

Whether your interest is Manufacturing, or same condition drawback, we are able to assist you in understanding your needs and providing best results.

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