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DSV Switzerland helps deliver 4 trucks with infant formula to Ukraine

The Air&Sea and Road teams at DSV in Switzerland cooperate together with HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition AG and Pharmalys Laboratories to deliver much needed infant formula and follow-on milk to Ukraine.

Employees from DSV and Hochdorf in front of DSV truck
In the last few days, four trucks with 122,000 cans of infant formula and follow-on milk have made their way to Lviv, Ukraine. They will soon arrive at the organization "Malenki Peremohy" (Small Wins Charity Foundation), where they will be further distributed. 

The joint donation of the companies Pharmalys Laboratories and HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition AG is supported by DSV Switzerland. DSV took over the organization of the transport and contributed to the freight costs. Each truck was loaded with 30,500 cans or 11.2 tons of infant milk formula and follow-on milk. A big thank you goes also to the Bern chapter of the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland for the uncomplicated organization and the financial contribution to the administration costs.

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