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DSV Air & Sea AG Basel and SV Sissach sign long-term sponsoring partnership for junior teams

The local DSV Air & Sea branch in Basel has committed to supporting the junior teams of SV Sissach, one of the region's largest football clubs, to promote the importance of team sports for younger generations. 

Picture of all of SV Sissach's junior teams in DSV jerseys

DSV Air & Sea Basel and SV Sissach announced their new partnership this month. With DSV as the new main sponsor of SV Sissach's junior teams, both boys and girls teams in the age categories A/B, C as well as FF 15/19 were equipped with brand new jerseys bearing the DSV logo. The official presentation of the new sponsoring partner took place on the evening of 5 September at the SV Sissach clubhouse.

The partnership, which is set to run for five years, is intended to provide long-term financial support for SV Sissach's junior teams and thus promote and maintain team sports in the region. DSV Air & Sea Basel also aims to establish itself as a socially committed company and an attractive employer in the Basel region. The partnership was agreed with a clear focus on sustainability. The club and sponsor share important common values such as tolerance, team spirit, reliability and commitment, which makes this partnership a promising alliance for the Upper Basel region.

DSV Air & Sea AG Basel and SV Sissach are looking forward to a successful cooperation and are excited about the positive impact this partnership will have on young people and sports in the region.

For further information and press enquiries please contact:

DSV Air & Sea AG Basel
Contact: Pascal Kaltenrieder
Telefon: +41 61 337 47 47

SV Sissach
Contact: Simon Grieder
Telefon: +41 61 588 19 09

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About SV Sissach:

Sportverein Sissach is a football club rich in tradition, deeply rooted in the region and passionately committed to promoting young talent. For hundreds of children and young people, it offers a valuable leisure activity and the opportunity to live their hobby for football. The secret of the club's success lies not only in its long history, but also in the dedicated coaches who put their heart and soul into nurturing the young talents and instilling in them the joy of the sport.


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