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Managing your cold chain shipments with Validaide

A digital platform for easy subcontractor management and lane risk assessment for pharmaceutical shipments

We are working with Validaide, a digital platform which revolutionizes risk assessment for pharmaceutical product transportation. Purpose-built to deliver meticulously data-driven analysis, this tool is designed to scrutinize risks along your designated shipping route with precision. Utilizing advanced algorithms and the most up-to-date data, Validaide meticulously evaluates critical risk factors, including temperature fluctuations, transit times, infrastructure quality, and security risks specific to your shipping route. This vital information equips you to make informed and strategic decisions about the most optimal route and transport method for your invaluable pharma shipments.

User-friendly by design, Validaide presents a clear, intelligible analysis of risk, empowering swift and effective responses to potential issues and enabling necessary adjustments to your logistics processes. In essence, Validaide is an indispensable asset for companies seeking a data-driven, precise, and accessible solution for risk assessment in their transport operations, ensuring both the security and control needed to optimize shipping processes and safeguard the delivery of pharmaceutical products.

Data-driven lane risk assessment at every step of the way

  • Validaide is an innovative Lane Risk Assessment tool specifically for pharmaceutical product transportation
  • It utilizes advanced algorithms and up-to-date data for precise risk analysis
  • It has a user-friendly design with clear, understandable risk analysis presentation
  • It allows detailed report generation for well-informed decision-making
  • It enhances supply chain visibility, transparency, compliance, and quality assurance
  • It enables real-time reporting and tracking of changes in supply chain

Validaide evaluates the following critical risk factors:

+ Temperature fluctuations
+ Transit times
+ Infrastructure quality
+ Security risks
+ Proactively identifies potential risks, allowing for preemptive measures

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