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Whatever your healthcare transport needs, our know-how and solutions keep your business and your patients healthy.

An experienced global team

At DSV we have decades of experience working with all types of healthcare transport combined with an extensive global network. Regardless of whether your goods travel by air, sea or road, they will be transported in full compliance with all applicable regulations and quality standards – even if they spend time in storage on their journey. 

Our healthcare transport services also include customs clearance and supply chain security.

Secure transport at all temperatures

For temperature sensitive cargo, DSV maintains a global network of GDP compliant offices and facilities. Our active and passive solutions include thermal blankets or covers to protect against heat or cold, Styroboxes with gel packs, active electric containers with a cooling unit, or containers with dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Temperature zones

Secure storage and transport at all temperatures including:

Our healthcare transport services and facilities are authorized to handle:


Air freight

If you have an urgent delivery, DSV air solutions get your cargo where it needs to be safely and reliably. Using our extensive air network we can offer a variety of air transport solutions, including full air charter, part air charter or even an on-board courier.

We also operate our own controlled GDP compliant air charter network in multiple regions and work with in-sourced ground handlers with over 25 years’ experience of temperature sensitive shipments.

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B2B Airfreight

Our B2B Airfreight Service is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse and global shipping requirements of businesses. We offer a reliable, swift, and cost-effective solution that is well-suited for various needs. With a focus on pharmaceutical products, we specialize in maintaining precise temperature control during transportation. Our advanced cooling technology and meticulous monitoring procedures ensure that your pharmaceutical shipments remain at the required temperature throughout their journey. Our team, composed of trained professionals, is skilled in handling a wide range of goods, including delicate and hazardous items. We are dedicated to providing excellent service, and our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with shipment organization and inquiries.

By sea

If time is not a concern, our sea freight services give you a cost-efficient way to move your healthcare and pharmaceutical shipments. Our dedicated healthcare team has expertise in handling Reefer or Standard Containers and can arrange transport on scheduled or charter sea freight services all around the world using our qualified transport partners. 

If you need to consolidate healthcare products in port for ocean shipment, DSV has dedicated warehouses that offer a range of cold chambers for the consolidation and packaging in ocean containers. 

Additional services include pick-ups, deliveries, warehousing, stuffing and cross-docking for your products under temperature-controlled and fully GDP compliant conditions.

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Sea Freight Reefer Container Transport 
Our Sea Freight Reefer transport services are tailored to ensure the safe and efficient global transportation of pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive products. Supported by our extensive global network and a substantial presence in major ports worldwide, along with our industry expertise and dedicated teams available around the clock, we consistently deliver fast and reliable shipments. Our team of experts is prepared to assist you with inquiries, precise shipment planning, and customized solutions to meet your unique requirements. In essence, our Sea Freight Reefer transport service offers a dependable and efficient solution for businesses with temperature-controlled international shipping needs. We prioritize the secure transportation of your products and enhance your shipping experience with exceptional customer service.

By road

We have traffic hubs located all over Europe and North America, and offices around the world. This enables us to provide road freight services that meet your exact needs for reliable, safe and fully compliant transport for your healthcare products.

DSV offers a full range of GDP road transport solutions including part loads (PTL), full loads (FTL) and groupage (GPG).

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End-to-end visibility and traceability

Whichever form of transport you use, you can follow the progress of your shipment from the moment it leaves your facilities until it arrives at its destination. Our transportation services can include cargo monitoring in terms of temperature, humidity, shock, light, and geolocation via data loggers.

Furthermore, our control tower and dashboard solutions give you a real-time overview at shipment and purchase order level. These dynamic solutions support you to increase efficiency and handle your inventory and costs more smoothly.

To minimize your risk, we can carry out risk validation for the entire supply chain covering compliance and security aspects of our suppliers and sub-contractors. This even extends to validation of weather conditions during transport. Get to know our visibility services

A team of experts

With decades of experience, our professional team of healthcare transport experts can help you arrange and optimize the journey of your cargo so that it meets your business needs and gives you value for money.

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