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Take your supply chain logistics to the next level of efficiency

In the fast-changing world of trade, you need to evaluate your global supply chains and logistics solutions on a regular basis.

Whether you want to redesign your entire supply chain and logistics solutions for a change of concept, distribute manufacturing to local markets, initiate an inventory optimisation, or reorganise your pattern of distribution centres, we are here to help you all the way. 

As one of the world’s leading logistics companies, our logistics and supply chain teams use their expertise to create new types of supply chains for customers in all industries. At the core of our logistics offering are over 400 warehouses and distribution centres. In addition, we conduct analyses and develop optimised supply chain designs based on vast data sets from our global day-to-day operational business. With this knowledge, we can help you create a supply chain logistics solution that meets the challenges you face.

Our supply chain logistics solutions explained

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    Inventory Management Services (IMS)

    Let us reduce your total cost of inventory ownership to help your business grow and thrive.

  • Warehouse worker using scanning device at pick racks

    Inventory Scan

    Strike the right balance between working capital, operating costs, and the optimal service level with our periodical inventory assessments.

  • Warehouse technician drilling and installing

    Logistics Manufacturing Services

    Move your logistics supply chain solutions closer to your customers are and make them circular.
  •   two men with hardhats inspecting containers at a dockyard

    Supply Chain Optimisation

    Design your supply chain to be resilient to real-life challenges and ready to contribute to your business goals.

Overview of our core contract logistics solutions

  • Shipment on automated conveyor belt


    Leverage one service for all your e-commerce needs, giving your customers a great experience of your brand. 
  • Warehouse worker scanning barcode on package with manual device


    The quality of your product fulfilment is a determining factor for your success.
    We offer multichannel fulfilment services to optimise the brand experience.

  • Pharma warehouse worker conducting a process in a compliant environment

    Pharma warehousing

    Enjoy full compliance across the healthcare supply chain and the support of a dedicated pharma warehousing solution.
  • Warehouse with goods

    DSV Lead Logistics

    The best intelligence gathering technology and data processing software ever for supply chains. DSV Lead Logistics - for new ways of thinking.

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