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Is your supply chain ready to deliver on your sustainability goals?

As consumers demand more sustainable goods and services, you need a supply chain that can use the opportunities available in the circular economy to meet your sustainability objectives. 

DSV Remaker Services is a one-stop-shop with services that make it easy to prolong product lifetimes and transform waste through initiatives such as recycling, reuse or remanufacturing. We can help you overcome the challenges involved with moving to a circular supply chain – from staying compliant with changing regulation on products and waste, to closing supply chain loops. 

Make the transition to circular

Many companies have already achieved success with circular services and products, such as Product Life Cycle Extension (PCLE) and Product as a Service (Paas) opportunities. With a global network of experts in the fields of logistics and manufacturing, we are ready to help your business do the same. 

Committed to a more circular society

DSV Remaker Services is committed to working collaboratively with academia, industry bodies and our customers to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. That’s why we have partnered with the PARC Institute, part of Cardiff University, to leverage operational excellence and cutting-edge research within supply chain sustainability. Through this partnership we are pioneering solutions that enable more businesses to be part of the circular economy.

“Climate change is a global challenge. We help businesses redesign their supply chains to be part of a circular economy for the benefit of their stakeholders, communities and future generations.”

- Named DSV Remaker Services employee 

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