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Reefer trailer

What is a reefer trailer?

Reefer trailers are designed to maintain a specific temperature to keep your cargo fresh on arrival. Refrigerated trailers are used for perishable cargo, such as fruit and vegetables, that needs to arrive in prime condition.

New upgraded trailers for European Healthcare connection

DSV Healthcare ROAD Switzerland uses new upgraded trailers for its European Healthcare connection.

The new trailers offer all of the standard requirements, including dual temperature, double-deck equipment,  security locks, integrated control panels, printers for temperature reports and GPS control for positioning, temperature, door sensors, coupling and technical status.

Our own dedicated fleet “Schmitz-Cargobull” with Schmitz cooling units are used in our Healthcare networking with FTL and LTL shipments across Europe.

Dimensions of a reefer trailer

Depending on manufacture and production year, the dimensions and capacity of reefer trailers may vary more than other trailer types. 

Do you need a reefer trailer for your shipment?

Reefer trailer: dimensions and capacity
Tare weight
9,000 kg
Payload capacity
31,000 kg
Cubic capacity
85 m3
Length internal
13.31 m
2.48 m
Height 2.60 m
Door opening width
2.46 m
Door opening height
2.60 m
Side opening height

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