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What are considered dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are materials or items with hazardous properties which, if not properly controlled present a potential hazard to human health and safety, infrastructure and/or their means of transport.

Dangerous goods, often recognised as hazardous materials, may be pure chemicals, mixtures of substances, manufactured products or articles which can pose a risk to people, animals or the environment if not properly handled in use or in transport.

We offer transportation of dangerous goods by air, by sea and inland waterways and by road.

Classification of dangerous goods

The UN Model Regulations use a classification system in which each dangerous substance or article is assigned to a class, depending on the nature of the danger it presents. There are 9 classes, some of which are sub-divided.

List of the 9 dangerous goods classes

Disclaimer: This information is provided for convenience only. Please consult the individual international regulations for the latest up-to-date information.

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