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DSV Pearl – our largest and most sustainable warehouse facility in Singapore

On September 2023, DSV breaks ground on a new built-to-suit warehouse facility in Singapore, DSV Pearl. Spanning 66,000 square metres, this facility will set new warehousing standards in automation and sustainability in the Asia Pacific region and serve the region’s growing demand.

DSV Pearl
With a target completion date by mid-2025, DSV Pearl will be DSV’s largest warehouse facility in Singapore once it is up and running. The five-storey ramp up facility boasts large floor plate of 12,000 square metres per floor with 13.7 metres high ceiling, spiral conveyors between the floors and advanced warehouse automation systems to increase efficiencies in the storage, retrieval and processing of goods. It is also strategically located near Singapore’s major road network, seaports and airports for convenient access to both domestic and international markets.

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Investments into the future of logistics

DSV Pearl is designed to define new warehousing standards with investments in automation and digitalisation as DSV aims to create more high value jobs within Singapore’s job market. DSV will also work closely with Singapore’s research institutes and robotics and logistics technology providers to support local advancements of automation, productivity and sustainability solutions.

"We are thrilled to break ground on DSV Pearl, one of our newest and most advanced warehouse facility in Asia. Singapore is a key supply chain hub in the region with growing demand for innovative warehousing solutions and DSV is committed to continue expanding our footprint in the country,” said Guillaume Burette, Executive Vice President of DSV Solutions APAC.

DSV Pearl

Epitome of operational excellence and sustainable warehousing

Due to Singapore’s limited land designated for commercial real estate development, DSV Pearl will be built in five storeys to maximise the utilisation of space.

The facility will contain a DSV Fulfilment Factory ideal for retail and e-commerce businesses, and some floors will be temperature-controlled to cater for customers within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The lower floors are planned for heavy cargo operation and customers with high volume of shipping containers.

Incorporating sustainability at its core, DSV Pearl will target the green credentials – LEED Gold and BCA Green Mark Platinum. The warehouse is designed with environmental stewardship in mind – using solar panels to harness renewable energy to power the facility and onsite EV chargers, and smart lighting system to optimize energy consumption, promoting an environment-friendly approach to operations.

Xie Fang, Managing Director, DSV Solutions Singapore highlighted, “DSV Pearl’s sustainability features are aligned with DSV’s commitment to reaching net-zero carbon emissions across our operations by 2050. We will continue to work closely with government authorities, local institutions and logistics technology solutions providers to develop innovative and sustainable warehousing solutions for customers in various industries in Singapore.

DSV sustainable warehousing

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