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Bike commuting more attractive than ever

In 2018, DSV Belgium started with the pilot project “Commute by Bike”. Together with o2o, a company working on sustainable mobility solutions, we implemented a scheme that makes commuting by bike more attractive to the employees.

How does it work?

The employee chooses a bike on the website of o2o or in his/her own bike shop. DSV then makes a simulation of the monthly rent for a period of 36 months. Upon approval of the employee, the chosen bike is ordered and delivered at his/her home.


Interesting incentives

Thanks to the fiscal incentives of the government, the employee only pays a third of the monthly redemption amount, and gets to own the bike after 36 months. During the entire hiring period the employee gets an additional theft insurance and breakdown rescue assistance.

As is the case for any employee using a bike for home-work commuting, there also is the remuneration per km distance paid together with the salary. Consequently, by making regular use of the bike, the hiring fee can even be covered entirely.

Already 26 employees are making use of this advantageous project and several others will receive their DSV bike in the following days. In 2019 the project will be rolled out in all Belgian DSV sites.