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DSV has a heart for Gambia

Together we can make a difference

Earlier this year DSV in Belgium has made a donation of several medical products and materials to the non-profit association “Gambia for you” in cooperation with its customer Arseus Medical. 

This is not the first time that the DSV healthcare facility in Ghent is involved in this type of charity projects. Supported by employees and customers, they often seek participation in similar opportunities. This is an excellent way of improving their social footprint and expanding the company’s positive impact, while being beneficial for all parties involved.

Warehouse Team Leader Joni Van Acker took the initiative this time. A good friend of hers, Steve Blom, has been involved with non-profit association “Gambia for you”, an organisation that collects relief supplies from the Benelux to Gambia over 10 years. Joni noticed a large availability of Arseus products in the DSV destruction area. Upon her report, Business Unit Director Edwin Eggebeen contacted the customer and owner of those products, Arseus, to inform them about the Gambian organisation and the charity-project. Arseus was eager to support the cause and approved to ship the excess products to Gambia.

Steve was thrilled with the decision. He explained: 

“The circumstances in the Gambian hospitals are disappointing sometimes. The doctors are doing their utmost, but they often have lack of appropriate material. I am very pleased and grateful that both DSV and Arseus are willing to cooperate in this beautiful project.”

There is great likelihood for this initiative to continue in the near future. DSV and “Gambia for you” have expressed interest in working whenever opportunities arise.

About Arseus Medical

Arseus Medical is a supplier of all types of medical equipment with a complete product range for hospitals, doctors-specialists, general practitioners, residential care centres and home nurses. Arseus Medical places an important focus on physician specialists and offers efficient diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. In addition, Arseus Medical provides systems for patient monitoring and treatment in critical and sub-critical care, both inside and outside the hospital. Arseus Medical also supports specialists with infrastructure and medical resources for an efficient and up-to-date practice.

About the partnership between DSV and Arseus 

Arseus Medical is working with DSV since 2015 and benefiting from the synergy of the know-how at the dedicated healthcare site and the flexibility in resources. The facility in Ghent serves as a distribution centre for all kinds of medical equipment and supplies to different hospitals, specialists, doctors, medical centres in the Benelux region.