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DSV Air & Sea shows pharma world at Pharma Logistics Masterclass they are a force to be reckoned with

From 7 to 11 September, DSV Air & Sea took part in the first International Masterclass on Pharma Logistics as a silver sponsor.

DSV warehouse pharma and healthcare solutions

Recently the very first edition of the Pharma Logistics Masterclass took place in the University of Antwerp. This co-operation between, Metrans and the University of Antwerp gathered several experts in the field of the pharmaceutical industry for a full week to have an open debate on cell and gene therapies and related logistics aspects.

The Pharma Logistics Masterclass offered an innovative forum for supply chain, pharma, and freight professionals as well as advanced master and PhD students to broaden the industry expertise. DSV is very proud to have participated in this conference as one of the main sponsors and even to have hosted a few workshops during the week. Both airfreight and ocean freight in relationship with the pharmaceutical industry were discussed.

The workshops, with the active participation of Ludovic Menedeme – Director Pharma & Healthcare DSV BE, and Elisabeth Callens – CEE Reefer Project Manager, shed an interesting light on what looks like a niche market but will soon become the new normal. We will be facing quite some challenging legal, strategic, economical and operational challenges and the workshops made clear there is a path to design and develop the supply chain component in the right direction.

Together with experts from the academical and medical vertical, several logistics companies had an open debate and even gave some insights in their own industries by means of visits and tours such as a tour at the airport of Brussels and a visit to a vaccination center. Commercial boundaries were dropped, and a mutual effort was displayed where knowledge was shared, and human health was put as a priority. 

Elisabeth Callens presents at Pharma Logistics Masterclass at the University of Antwerp Elisabeth Callens (DSV CEE Reefer Project Manager) presenting during Pharma Logistics Masterclass 2021

The organizational team received very good evaluation back, motivating the organizing committee to already start preparing the next edition. At this moment a white paper is being prepared for publication on the findings, day summaries and final conclusions of the masterclass.

DSV Air & Sea for one is extremely happy to have shown what the real DNA of DSV stands for and we made clear what our company still can achieve in the future.

Article written by Kristof De Decker - DSV participant at Pharma Logistics Masterclass