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Operational update February 27 | Immediate stop to all DSV operations in Ukraine

As a result of the situation currently evolving in Ukraine, the country declared martial law this morning. As a consequence, DSV has stopped all activity in the country as of February 24.

dsv ukraine

The shutdown of operations encompasses the entire Ukraine, including all offices in Ukraine, which are closed indefinitely to avoid unnecessary risk and keep our employees safe. 

DSV expects that the recent developments in Ukraine will give rise to significant operational and capacity challenges for the entire region, including Russia, and for all transport modes. The situation in Ukraine is considered force majeure, and it is already now also affecting DSV operations in other countries in the region. The shutdown of our operations also applies to IT, and strict security measures have been taken to protect our customers and DSV against cyberattacks.

For now, all air traffic to and from Ukraine has been stopped, and it is expected that other means of transportation will also be affected by the situation. Additionally, the trucking capacity for the region is being affected by tight border controls and Ukrainian nationals working as truck drivers or in other supply chain functions all over Europe seeking to return home on immediate basis.

Our operational update across transport modes as of February 27 is as follows:


All air traffic to and from Ukraine has been stopped. Ukraine is an important corridor for air traffic and rerouting is currently taking place, as Ukrainian airspace is closed. Due to the ongoing dramatic developments in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, several air carriers have stopped using Russian airspace. This will have a direct effect on air freight services in the coming period.

DSV is in close dialogue with our carriers to find alternative routings to ensure we provide the best possible service for our customers.

Adjustments to flight schedules are unavoidable and increased transit times must be expected. As a result, we also expect a financial impact on air freight rates. We are at this stage not able to provide an exact estimate of the impact.


Several carriers have decided not to call any ports in Ukraine and will stop the acceptance of orders to and from Ukraine until further notice. Meanwhile, services in Russia, remain available but are subject to change as the situation develops. DSV follows the situation closely. 


All road operation to, from and inside Ukraine has been stopped. Cargo in transit bound for Ukraine has been stopped and will return to origin. The situation is expected to affect road operations in other countries in the region. Driver shortage might intensify as Ukrainian truck drivers return home. 

Rail - Asia to Europe

The majority (95%) of cargo trains from Asia to Europe do not transit through Ukraine, and trains are being re-routed if relevant. Currently, we do not expect a significant impact on rail operations.

DSV is following the situation in Ukraine closely, and there will be regular updates here as the situation unfolds. We will do our best to we find solutions and ensure a continuous flow of supply chains for our customers during these difficult times.

Please expect more information to be provided as soon as this information is available. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your regular DSV contact or click here

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