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DSV significantly expands activities in North Sea Port

DSV and North Sea Port will intensify their cooperation: DSV is planning the construction of new warehouses in Ghent at the North Sea Port. DSV already has a logistics centre in Ghent for the storage and distribution of goods for the healthcare industry and chemical industry among others. The partnership was signed during a meeting at the DSV head office in Denmark.

DSV significantly expands activities in North Sea Port

On an 18 hectare site, 100,000 m2 of warehouses will be built for the storage and distribution of goods for various customers. This new investment will be realised at the Kluizendok, on the left bank of the Ghent part of North Sea Port. From here, the goods can be transported to and from the European hinterland via road transport, sea shipping, inland shipping, or rail. After all, as a multimodal port, North Sea Port lies at the intersection of all these transport options. 

With the new building, DSV wants to improve and expand the capabilities of its Ghent health cluster, including in the area of value-added activities (Value Added Logistics) and process automation. The building will contain temperature-controlled storage areas at ambient temperature, 2-8°C, -20°C, -40°C and -80°C, where the division into compartments of standard sizes will allow flexibility in use. The extra capacity will also allow DSV to enable further growth in other target areas. DSV aims to achieve the most sustainable warehouse in the Benelux in terms of design, construction, layout and use. Furthermore, DSV will via a high-quality sustainability programme invest more in multimodality, predicting a significant increase in the processing of containers via the port.

Meeting between DSV and North Sea Port in Denmark

The investment was signed during a meeting between North Sea Port and DSV in Hedehusene in Denmark, on Tuesday 19 April. 
Daan Schalck, CEO of North Sea Port:

We at North Sea Port are pushing hard to further anchor our existing activities and expand employment opportunities. DSV's investment in new storage warehouses is furthermore completely in line with the further development of our logistics sector.

Peter van der Maas, Executive Vice President, is on behalf of DSV very excited about the future-oriented partnership with North Sea Port:

This Breeam-certified expansion in Ghent enables us at DSV to achieve our growth in a sustainable way and to provide our customers with state-of-the art warehousing and Value Added Logistics within healthcare and other target groups in the long term. Additionally, it will provide a strong impulse for employment and economic development in the region.


About North Sea Port

Versatile, multimodal, and with plenty of room for development. North Sea Port is a versatile port, because it sees all kinds of different goods pass through its wharfs. It is a multimodal port because the hinterland is accessed through a variety of modes of transport, with a strong emphasis on inland shipping. And the port offers room for development, with another 750 hectares of industrial areas. Read more at


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