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Red Sea Situation: major shipping companies halt vessels and avoid route following attacks

Ships at a standstill and rerouting via Cape of Good Hope in response to recent attacks in the Red Sea. Several shipping companies have suspended or redirected their operations through the Red Sea, both eastward and westward, until further notice.

dsv red sea alert
At DSV we are carefully monitoring the escalated security situation in the southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. In response to recent attacks on commercial vessels in the area, several carriers have paused or rerouted operations through the Red Sea, east and west bound, until further notice.

At this moment in time, we cannot give any exact information on how this will affect your cargo.

The reroutings via Cape of Good Hope will impact ocean cargo booked via Suez in several ways, adding 3.5k nautical miles. The consequences will include: transit time delays of 7-14 days, higher freight rates due to increased fuel consumption and capacity issues on the trade. Longer transit times and vessels tied up for longer is expected to reduce capacity by up to 20%.

We are in close contact with our carriers in order to handle the situation in the best possible way and minimise the impact on your business. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

We appreciate your understanding under these critical circumstances. Should you need any further information, please reach out to your local DSV representative.

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