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We offer chemical warehousing facilities, product handling and packaging, and on-site logistics services to support your chemical manufacturing operations. All of our solutions are cost-effective, flexible and fully compliant with applicable safety regulations

Warehousing solutions

All of our warehousing facilities offer strict environmental and safety compliance for your hazardous and non-hazardous chemical goods and are operated by specially trained employees. Our team handles classic inventory management, such as in- and outbound logistics, as well as value added activities including relabeling or sampling.

Prior to receiving your chemicals at the warehouse, they are thoroughly assessed using a risk evaluation  based on a Safety Data Sheet. This ensures the warehousing solution complies with all standards and legal requirements. Our local Quality Manager is highly experienced in local rules and regulations and will always liaise with respective authorities, as well as fire departments. Furthermore, the local Quality team is part of our central Quality Management System that ensures proper and coherent follow up of all activities globally. With this level of attention to quality and security you can feel confident that your chemicals are being treated with the utmost care at all times.

Packing and product handling

We operate and manage facilities that can handle all kinds of chemical products safely and efficiently:
  • Specialised and dedicated chemical packaging equipment
  • Flexible packaging options 
  • Bulk loading into containers

On site logistics

We provide on-site chemical logistics services at your manufacturing locations. These cover internal product movements, raw material staging and delivery, as well as liaising and coordinating with warehouse operations. By working closely with your manufacturing teams,  you can free up your people to focus on adding greater value to your chemical manufacturing business. 

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