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We ensure that value is added to every aspect of the service for your benefit. We orchestrate intelligence, enhanced services and new ways of doing logistics to create a lead logistics service that is second to none.


Through cutting edge technology, DSV Lead Logistics is able to provide intelligent supply chain solutions, which are constantly updating themselves and looking for more efficient solutions even when a shipment is in transit. Our solutions are intelligent and predictive, enabling them to react to real-world events.


DSV Lead Logistics solutions are specifically designed to improve every aspect of the service. The result is a series of enhanced features and benefits for our customers, which include enhanced visibility, flexibility, resiliency, and control.


Every aspect of DSV Lead Logistics service transforms the way that lead logistics has traditionally worked.

For our customers this means true clarity and absolute shipment accuracy. They get the opportunity to choose
specific options during shipment and will receive advanced notifications of planning changes that either enhances
the shipment, or avoids events such as bad weather or other potential freight disruptions.

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