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Freight management

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Transport has become the work of specialists. No transport company offers a competitive service for every load, every modality and every destination. For an optimal transport solution you therefore have to use several transport companies. But how do you manage a complex network of different transport companies? Simple: by outsourcing freight management to DSV Solutions.

Thanks to our years of experience and our knowledge of the fragmented transport market, we always select the best transport solution for you. Is it a full truck load (FTL) or a less than truck load (LTL)? Are you looking for a groupage service or a last mile specialist for your B2B or e-commerce shipments? Or do you opt for air freight, sea freight or rail? We will find the best transport solution for you.

DSV Solutions takes the entire freight management out of your hands, from order entry and planning to implementation and administration. We will get started based on the specifications of the order. What are the dimensions and weights? Does it concern fresh products or dangerous goods? What requirements does the customer set? Our freight management system, supported by artificial intelligence, knows which transport company is best able to deliver your goods to the right destination.

Do you want to stay informed of the progress? With our track and trace system you can follow the shipments from pick-up to final delivery. Our IT system is seamlessly integrated into the carrier's system, so you have complete transparency in this part of your supply chain.

Freight management by DSV Solutions includes:

  • Order management
  • Shipment planning
  • Freight execution and monitoring
  • Exception reporting and Proof of Delivery 
  • Digital invoicing (incl. freight invoice audit & client billing)
  • Performance reporting

Our extensive transport network offers you access to various solutions:

  • Full loads and part loads, groupage shipments, parcel and courier services and last mile delivery
  • Value added services on delivery (think about two-man deliveries, installation services, white glove deliveries, etc.)
  • Return services
  • Repair services.

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