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Intelligence in the warehouse

Experience our state-of-the-art warehouse management system

DSV is at the forefront of digitization. We are convinced that without modern IT systems it is impossible to manage a supply chain efficiently, quickly and adequately. We therefore invest in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotization, the internet of things and 3D printing. The major advantage of these technologies: the data they provide about our operations. We analyze that data and translate it into valuable insights that help us organize your supply chain even better. This is how we create a data-driven supply chain for you.

Digitization means not only data, but also integration. DSV has modern IT systems that can be fully integrated with your own systems. This not only leads to flawless processing of your orders, but also to complete transparency in your supply chain.

The comprehensive DSV software system is called CargoWRITE (Warehouses, Resources, Information, Technology, Execution). DSV leads the way with this integrated platform. This leads to best-in-class functionality, improved efficiency and complete transparency with only one goal: high-quality logistics services at the lowest possible costs.

The efficiency and quality in the warehouse largely depends on the intelligence in the Warehouse Management System. The functionality of CargoWRITE's Warehouse Management System is based on one of the leading Warehouse Management Systems in the market. It has been further developed in collaboration with DSV into a solution that can be tailored to any operation.

The Warehouse Management System manages:

  • Multi-site, multi-client management
  • Routing of goods based on packaging levels
  • ADR handling with consideration to the applicable storage rules
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Kitting and Assembly management
  • Data validation (serial numbers, checking of digits, batch numbers etc.)
  • Product expiry management
  • Cycle counting (wall-to-wall, time-window-driven, event-driven)
  • Reporting (inventory, performance, quality)
  • Pallet pool administration 
  • The system supports various processes, including:
  • Receiving (pre-advised-based, UPI-based, SSCC, EAN-128)
  • Put-away (optimised block and rack storage, including beam management)
  • Replenishment
  • Multiple picking strategy support 
  • Packing (for example special order handling, carrier-specific labelling, including RF-based packing)
  • Automated housekeeping
  • Dock management and vehicle loading
  • Yard management
  • Shipping

The Warehouse Management System can be operated in several modes and on various bases, such as:

  • Paper-based
  • Radio-frequency-based (System-assisted and system-directed, using hand, wrist, truck and voiceterminals when needed in combination and connected to wearable printers)

Duty Management System 

Delays and disruptions in the supply chain: that is the last thing you are waiting for. The cause often lies in the handling of customs processes and compliance with laws and regulations. That is why DSV invests in digitization of the end-to-end international supply chain. This considerably reduces the chance of delays and disruptions.

DSV has a Duty Management System that is integrated with the Warehouse Management System. This combination ensures proper handling of goods flows in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations. The Duty Management System is responsible for communication with customs authorities throughout Europe. With this system we can adjust our customs processes to your wishes and integrate with other systems within your organization.


Do you want to know what the stock availability is? Does your customer ask where his order is? With eVisibility from DSV you have a full overview of all your orders, stocks and transactions at any time. For this we consolidate and analyze data from different systems. On request we make customized reports for you.

From the moment we register the incoming shipment, you can follow this step by step in the process. From the producer to your end customer, every step is clear and visible. Once a product has been ordered, order data can be checked. For example, you can check the numbers and possibly view serial numbers, special instructions and freight information. Once an order has been shipped, you can follow the status of this shipment. In addition, you can view the order entry, stock status and stock level per stock keeping unit (SKU). With eVisibility from DSV you get the insight you need.

Integration gateway

The success of a supply chain depends on the degree of integration. DSV therefore offers solutions for the integration of IT systems, so that both goods and data flow smoothly through the chain. The Integration Gateway of DSV is the central gateway to our IT platform CargoWRITE. Thanks to this gateway, we can link our systems to all your systems, so that order flows, for example, are handled automatically.

We have extensive experience with integration of ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards on the IT platform of DSV.

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