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As your business grows and your order volumes increases, managing financial fulfilment becomes increasingly complex and labour-intensive.

We start where Payment Service Providers stop 

Multi- and omni-channel business models lead to a mix of cash flows between the different channels. Payment methods vary from one customer to another and between online and offline. Payment Service Providers (PSP) just can't cover all your financial fulfilment needs. In fact, PSPs stop where we start. We book payments in your financial systems and match them to your orders, deliveries, returns and stock movements.

Seamless integration with finance systems

Our financial fulfilment gives you seamless integration of all your online and offline payment methods into your finance systems. These include the intake, matching, reconciliation and financial administration of both online and offline payments. We also supply you with a seamless match between orders received, payments, shipments, stock and taxes. Including the follow-up, refunds, consolidating and with crystal-clear reporting.

financial fulfilment dsv

Why should you outsource to DSV MCF?

  • Save considerably on financial administration
  • Drastically reduce turnaround times
  • A Payment Service Provider does not cover all your cash flows
  • A seamless match between your cash flow, your sales and your stock administration
  • Complete VAT-specifications per country
  • Accounts receivable administration
  • Extended international payment options

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