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Ensuring specialised logistics capacities in our Ghent Healthcare Cluster

In Ghent, DSV is proud to welcome you to its specialised healthcare cluster, which has been extended over the last years to further support the existing and future customers. The current meanwhile more than 100.000 m² cluster offers our customers DSV’s healthcare competence in a centralized location, spread over currently three buildings.

Part of the responsibility to our customers is ensuring short-, mid- and long-term growth opportunities for their business and in that context, the cluster will double its capacity over the coming year. The Ghent Healthcare Cluster serves as an important distribution point to hospitals and other medical facilities all over Europe. It combines an ideal location for local but also international distribution to particularly Western Europe with cold chain solutions, a sound quality management, and extensive local expertise.

An example of the short to long-term development plan is the extension of our Eddastraat facility in 2018, which was followed by the repurposing of the second facility within the cluster into a pharmaceutical warehouse in 2020. 

While awaiting the two phased completion of our new 100.000 m² facility, within the North Sea Port and nearby the 30.000 m² existing facilities, we continue to ensure the growing capacity requirements of our customers with an additional 30.000 m² warehouse since July 2023. This new facility mainly serves the growth of our existing customers but also offers some extension capacities.

With the completion of the 100.000 m² additional temperature-controlled facility, including its specialized cold chain areas ranging from 2-8 over -20, -40 and -80°C, the Ghent Healthcare Cluster will reach a capacity of more than 200.000 m² over 2024 and 2025.


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