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Imagine having access to a virtual cargo airline that moves your high-value goods at short notice to anywhere in the world.

DSV’s Air Charter Network does just that. Our air charter service provides tailor-made solutions and guarantees global reach and vast capacity – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The network is designed to not only manage aircraft cargo on specific routes, but also to structure and oversee processes on the ground. This ensures the best possible control, security and efficiency from door to door for your  priority air charter.

Our network comprises these routes:

Flexibility in timing, routing and delivery mode

The Air Charter Network is ideal for handling special cargo such as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, microchips, oversized oil and gas equipment, helicopters, cars, radioactive and explosive cargo as well as high-value goods.

Why use air charter services?

Secure freighter capacity: Move your cargo on countless air routes and schedules around the world.
Have complete control of the entire journey: This is important when handling high-value goods or temperature-sensitive cargo.
Get faster turnaround on the ground and reduce the risk of delays: The Air Charter Network uses gateways at less congested airports in terms of passenger flights and overall aircraft movements.
Manage time-critical shipments: Well-trained on-board couriers (OBC) can accompany your cargo, receiving higher priority in carriage on board specific flights, and obtaining faster and more simplified customs clearance at destination.
Reach remote locations: Close partnerships with reliable, smaller charter providers around the globe, together with selected, pre-approved carriers operating well-maintained aircraft, ensure smooth operations.
Rely on strategic experience: Experts dedicated to organising ad-hoc air charter services and skilled in chartering all types of cargo aircraft can meet your requirements and manage all technical aspects of your charter flight.

How our global air charters work

The Air Charter Network uses leased and chartered aircraft to guarantee capacity. It is optimised for handling priority and express air charters, and special shipments.

DSV uses two main options for moving goods through its Air Charter Network:

DSV charters either whole aircraft or arranges part-charters. This happens on both a scheduled and ad-hoc basis. Building on its large presence at Luxembourg Findel Airport, DSV has an agreement with Cargolux, one of the largest cargo-only airlines in the world. Similarly, it has agreements with Atlas Air and some of the largest operators in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and other territories, to ensure that space is always available for customer shipments.

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Introducing the Globetrotter

DSV’s newest air charter network route to accommodate your need for global air freight 

We are always working to continually provide more direct, reliable avenues of transportation for our customers. In the current market, the best way to do this is by expanding our Air Charter Network offerings and hereby providing more flexibility to your company. 

See the Globetrotter route and its flight schedule below. 
globetrotter dsv

Globetrotter flight schedule

Port-Pair  Day Dept  D-Time (Local) D-Time (UTC) Arrival A-Time (Local) A-Time (UTC)
LGG-IST LGG   04:30 02:30  IST  08:30  05:30 
IST-CGO  IST  10:30  07:30  CGO  03:00  19:00 
CGO-IST  CGO  07:00  23:00  IST  14:45  11:45 
IST-LGG IST  16:45  13:45  LGG  19:00  17:00 
LGG-RFD LGG   22:00  20:00  RFD  24:00  05:00 
RFD-LGG  RFD  03:00  08:00  LGG   18:00  16:00 
LGG-HKG  LGG  21:00  19:00  HKG  17:15  09:15 
HKG-LGG  HKG   19:15  11:15  LGG  03:45  01:45 
LGG-VCP  LGG   06:45  04:45  VCP  16:45  19:45 
VCP-LGG  VCP  19:45  22:45  LGG  15:45  13:45 

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