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Setting you up for success to pay import duties and taxes directly to CBSA

As we prepare for CBSA’s modernization efforts, we are working to ensure you are aware of changes to paying import duties.

DSV is setting up our import clients to pay duties and taxes directly to CBSA. This streamlines the process for you and is an efficient process that is as easy as setting up an online banking payment.

Setting up a direct payment account with CBSA enables you to:

  • Simplify duties / tax reconciliation with one single monthly payment
  • Eliminate risks associated with making payments via a service provider
  • In some cases, lowers import costs by reducing or avoiding advance fees charged by a service provider.
  • Manage and plan for your import duties

To benefit from the above, please choose one of the two Direct Pay options available to registered importers:

1. Direct Security Option – Available for Resident and Non-Resident Importers

> This option allows direct payment of both duty and GST. 

2. GST Direct Option – Available for Resident Importers only

> This option allows for direct payment of GST only.

*Please see a full list of CBSA Approved Payment Methods.

To help set up your Direct Pay option, please contact our DSV Compliance Team by email: or by telephone at: (905) 203-2020 between 8am to 5pm EST.  

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