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As specialists in chemical supply chains, we understand that supply chains success requires more than just experience with logistics. You need chemicals supply chain specialists experienced in hazardous goods to be able to see the bigger picture of how your supply chain can contribute to your business success.

Safe, reliable supply chain solutions

At DSV we have a large team of dedicated logistics professionals working with chemicals supply chain planning. They are all highly experienced in both freight forwarding and the chemical industry and understand the challenges you face and what’s needed to overcome them. We ensure your supply chain runs smoothly and safely end to end while remaining in full compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements.

With Chemical Competence Centers at key locations around the world, we offer a wide range of chemical supply chain management services. Regardless of where in the world you operate or whether you need simple transportation solutions, chemical warehousing or automated order fulfilment, we draw on our extensive range of carriers and suppliers to help you achieve the performance levels your business needs. 

As a DSV chemical customer, you get full visibility over your supply chain, using one global system that connects all our offices. This gives access to up-to-date data, providing track and trace options, configurable reporting and document management, along with the option to connect with your ERP.

Benefits of chemical supply chain solutions

  • Improved operational performance
  • Cost reduction
  • Inventory reduction
  • Performance management
  • Operational flexibility


4PL integrated solution

If you are looking for more support in dealing with day-to-day operations of your chemical supply chain, we offer a 4PL integrated solution. This frees you from the challenges of finding carriers, managing performance and security, and concerns around regulatory compliance, so you can concentrate on growing and developing your business without spending time on supply chain issues.

All modes of transport

With our 4PL solution, we manage all aspects of your chemical supply chain – including resources, technology and infrastructure – to create a flexible supply chain that is lean and cost-effective. Furthermore, by managing your chemicals supply chain, we can collect and use data from your supply chain to implement best practice processes and continuously make improvements. This has been shown to increase operational performance, as well as create significant savings for many businesses in the chemical industry.

Our 4PL solution gives you:

  • Optimised supply chain
  • Full visibility
  • Supplier coordination
  • Integrated technologies
  • Improved customer services
  • Fewer costs and inefficiencies

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