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E-fulfilment is much more than just a logistic option. It covers the whole online order and service chain, from the moment that your client enters an order until the after-sales is completed.

E-commerce success is all about retention

So it's vital that your order and service chains form one single integrated, seamless supply chain. Each extra link in the chain leads to extra costs, communication, delays and likely annoyance for both you and your customers.

Brand experience and good fulfilment go hand in hand

You want your customers to be satisfied and come back and buy from you again. But you only get one chance to make a first impression. At the same time, studies prove that outsourcing your fulfilment saves you substantial amounts of money, while also increasing your service levels and capabilities. This is why a strong order and service chain is crucial to your business.

Our experience in e-fulfilment for e-commerce is award winning. We started as early as 1996 and have built on this experience and know-how ever since, supporting our customers in achieving a healthy, down-to-earth e-commerce business model. With our fulfilment services, you can be sure that your brand and image will stay intact during the order and service supply chain, and that your relationship with your customer is safe and secure with us.


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Our product fulfilment process has over 400 quality checks

Your product fulfilment is about much more than just storing and shipping goods. It’s also about providing an overall customer experience that will make people want to come back and buy from you again and again. So reliability is more important than just speed. This is why our fulfilment services give you:

  • Incoming orders all processed in real-time, thus avoiding delays due to operational queues or delays
  • Voice generated order pick and pack software, giving extreme accuracy and short turn-around times per order
  • All documents printed in real-time at the packing station, thus making sure that there is a 100% match between each document and shipment
  • Over 400 built-in quality checks to assure that your customers receive exactly the goods they expect and at the time and place agreed

Every part of our fulfilment service is scalable and can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Whether you have 10 or 5,000 orders a day, each order is handled with the same efficiency and care. Regardless of whether you are in B2B or B2C markets. Your customers expect you to keep your promises and to inform them timely if you cannot comply. DSV MCF's systems closely monitor and report each movement, action and, where relevant, inform you and your customer about the steps taken. Satisfied customers come back again and again!


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International distribution

In today’s world, customers want to have a certain freedom in delivery options and services. Being able to supply those options, strengthens your business model as well as your customer satisfaction. But not everyone wants or needs the same thing. In fact, your customer’s wishes vary strongly per target group, per country and even per situation. Therefore, offering flexible distribution and delivery options is more important to your customers than unasked for speed.

At DSV MCF, we offer you a complete package of logistic services from a perfect location: the logistic hotspot of the Netherlands. Situated within 3 miles of the seaport Moerdijk (which is part of the internationally well-known Port of Rotterdam) we have all inbound and outbound facilities at our disposal.

We make sure that your customer is served according to your and his wishes. Our flexible, automated distribution options get your shipments to its destination economically and efficiently, while customized labels, shipping confirmations as well as track & trace, complete our service to assure that your client receives his goods where and when he expects it.

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