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Your reliable logistics partner for the long haul. We'll get you flying

DSV is a leading logistics specialist in the Aerospace market. We provide end-to-end, global management of engines, propulsors, fan cases, engine components, and tooling in support of the world’s fleet of commercial, passenger, and cargo aircraft.

Our DSV Aerospace team has successfully managed thousands of international aircraft engine shipments, providing decades of support to OEMs, airlines and MROs who keep the world’s fleet of commercial aircraft flying. 

We recognize that your trust is earned and reliable expertise is critical, which is why we have developed comprehensive end-to-end SOPs to ensure quality processes using one global standard for every stage of transport.

You can rely on us to get what you need, where you need ...and trust your take-off with DSV.

We support your high-value assets

DSV Aerospace also delivers the same level of professionalism in support of other critical high-value assets, such as:

One Global Aerospace Network

Our global presence is connected by our exclusive charter network, giving us the ability and velocity required to optimize cost and transit while ensuring 24/7/365 engagement and visibility via our Aerospace Control Towers.

Routine Logistics

Let us handle your planned and routine logistics, servicing and spares. We'll make sure your inventories are where you need them.

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24/7 Global Support

With our own staff in over 80 countries, we don't just have the network and the processes for routine jobs, but also the ability and capacity to respond to the unexpected. 

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AOG Services

When the clock is ticking ... you can count on us to pull out all the stops, to get critical components to where you need them. We get it done on-time, anywhere.


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