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Your global courier service

Fast and flexible when it's urgent. DSV XPress is a worldwide courier service.

DSV XPress offers you a selection of express shipping methods with which you can send your freight, package and document shipments from anywhere to any location. Regardless of whether you need a standard solution with DSV XPress or a DSV XPress Special Services solution. 

DSV XPress - when time matters
DSV XPress Economy – when cost matters
DSV XPress Special Service – when it's critical

More choices

Our optional services provide you with a number of additional choices. Having selected DSV XPress or DSV XPress Economy, you can also choose from a number of additional optional services:

  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Early delivery
  • Late pick-up
  • Document handling
  • Return shipments
  • Time-definite services *
  • Oversized parcels**
  • Delivery to remote areas

Contact us to learn more and to request a quote including the additional services you require.

.* DSV XPress only. Delivery to European and North American commercial and industrial centres before 09:00, 10:30 and 12:00.
** Parcels with a length of more than 270 cm and / or a total girth length of 400 cm (length + 2 x width + 2 x height)

Express global logistics 

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