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ETS surcharge

The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) initiative was introduced in 2005 as a tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ETS means that the companies that cause the emissions will be charged in relation to the amount of their emissions in order to get them to work on their reduction and their costs. 

Shipping will be integrated into the ETS in three stages, with the first stage being introduced on January 1, 2024, covering emission licences for 40% of emissions. By 2025, ETS will cover 70% of emissions and by 2026, 100% of confirmed emissions will be subject to charges. The type of shipping initially affected will be passenger and cargo vessels with a gross weight exceeding 5,000 tonnes that operate routes within the EU. 50% of emissions are covered for routes to and from the EU. 

Costs incurred by shipping lines will be passed on through the logistics chain to stakeholders who use ships for their transport. The ferry operators have chosen for different time intervals to charge the costs to us. Some choose for a daily interval where others choose for a monthly or quarterly interval.

DSV has chosen to apply a quarterly interval. After each quarter we will evaluate the costs and adjust where and if needed. The emission rights are traded on an open market and hence are variable daily. 

Below you can view per quarter what the costs will be which DSV will surcharge you. 

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