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Whatever your industry, we are your global freight forwarder

  • Healthcare


    Team of experts and temperature-controlled areas at the Luxembourg office.

    Our specialized infrastructure is ideal for handling special cargo such as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

  • Perishables


    Dedicated staff for load supervision and temperature-controlled facility

    We provide trucking services with optimal transport conditions for sensitive goods.

  • Technology


    Door to door, experienced team and tailor-made solutions allow us to ensure the success in the services provided to our customers around the world.

  • Chemicals


    Expertise and dedicated solutions to maintain and transport the product in the best conditions.

  • Renewable Energy


    We ensure quality, flexible and high-efficiency solutions for energy transport logistics, adjusting as much as possible to our customers’ needs.

  • Automotive


    Our road feeder service and location allow us to be connected to all our branches around Europe by serving as a hub for the charter network.

  • Industrial


    Dangerous goods transport in fixed allocations. We offer a wide range of solutions in order to transport high-value and high-risk shipments.

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