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We helped two teachers and their tuk-tuk travel the world

When British teachers Nick Gough and Rich Sears decided to travel around the world, their mission was to gather attention and funding for small, unique and visionary education projects run by local heroes.

Inspired by their desire to experience the sights, sounds, smells, weather and often bumpy roads of the world, Nick and Rich chose a three-wheeled, open-sided tuk-tuk with a top speed of 50 km/h as their mode of transport. The slow and modest vehicle was greeted with smiles almost everywhere it went.

Promoting education worldwide from a tiny tuk-tuk

Nick and Rich left England in August 2012, travelled through Europe, down the African continent, across India, the Far East and finally South America before returning home just in time for Christmas 2013. Their record-breaking journey covered 42,120 km, some of that distance while pulling the tuk-tuk themselves.

Their tuk-tuk, which they named Tommy, bravely motored across the continents, but crossing oceans was not its strong suit.

DSV helps pave the way worldwide

"When we heard of the tuk-tuk project, we were happy to help. It was obvious we should handle the intercontinental transport and negotiate the compliance issues and paperwork involved. The local DSV offices were happy to participate and responded enthusiastically, meeting and helping Nick and Rich on the ground around the world" says Jens Bjørn Andersen, CEO of DSV.

Nick and Rich have been kind enough to give us their feedback on their experiences and what stood out:

The DSV people… It is fair to say that everyone who we have worked with has been great. I have to emphasise that it's no easy task; different time zones, different permits and road laws, different languages. DSV is a big company but everyone we have worked with has been efficient, supportive and helpful. We feel we have seen many different aspects of DSV and it is an organisation that is very efficient and brilliantly integrated. I stress again that without DSV's support we would not be home already, so thanks so much to everyone.

DSV is continually inspired by the ingenuity of people around the world, some working in crowded cities and others in inhospitable or remote locations. Challenging how and what we transport is the way we thrive and grow our service capabilities. We transport endangered animals between continents, vital aid to disaster areas, heavy equipment to the Arctic, power plants to remote mountain locations and the occasional tuk-tuk across oceans--all for people like Nick and Rich who believe they can change the world by challenging the ordinary.

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