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Introducing the Globetrotter

Introducing the Globetrotter, DSV's newest air charter network route, connecting 4 continents with an around the globe rotation.

dsv globetrotter charter netowrk

We are always working to continually provide more direct, reliable avenues of transportation for our customers, and in the current market, the best way to do this is by expanding our Charter Network offerings.

We are proud to announce the latest expansion of our Charter Network, the Globetrotter, which connects 4 continents and provides an around the world rotation with hub and spoke connections to our existing charter services.

Globetrotter Highlights:

  • 100% DSV Charter Capacity
  • Boeing 747 nose-load freighter
  • In-house ground-handling at uncongested airports
  • Capacity to and from mainland China via CGO while avoiding constrained PVG
  • Ability to handle Pharma, Hazardous, Oversize, and more commodities
dsv air charter network

To see the Globetrotter schedule, visit our Air Charter page.

Reach out to your local DSV representative to get your cargo moving on our Charter Network.

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