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Update #2: Emergency Fee Implementation Postponed Until Nov. 22

The Ports of LA and LB announced a delay in the implementation of the Container Dwell Fee to November 22, 2021.

port congestion

The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles announced today that they will delay consideration of the Container Dwell Fee until November 22, 2021. The fee was set to be implemented November 15, 2021.

Since the fee was announced last month, the ports have seen a combined 26% decline in aging cargo on the docks. 

Beginning Monday, November 22, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will charge ocean carriers in these two categories $100 per container, increasing in $100 increments per container per day until the container leaves the terminal.

Container Dwell Fee Details:

The measurable dwell time is separate for local / container yard units vs. on dock rail units. 

Dwell time for local / container yard units is limited to 8 days free time. 
  Billing begins on the 9th day. 

Dwell time for on dock rail units is limited to 5 days free time.
Billing begins on the 6th day. 

For questions or support, please reach out to your local DSV representative.


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