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Update: Grace Period Further Explained for Emergency Fee at Long Beach

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Further to our recent update regarding the announcement from The White House regarding the new emergency fee implemented for all long-dwelling cargo container units at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach: 

The fee will be implemented as a 90 day policy, which goes in effect begin Nov. 1, 2021. 

The measurable dwell time is separate for local / container yard units vs. on dock rail units. 

Dwell time for local / container yard units is limited to 8 days free time. 

  Billing begins on the 9th day. 

Dwell time for on dock rail units is limited to 5 days free time.

Billing begins on the 6th day. 

Although the program is effective on November 1st, the fees will not begin to be implemented until November 15th. Some clarification has come to light since the announcement. 

November 15th is also referred to as the “Collection Commencement Date”. Therefore, if a container which is subject to this charge has been at the port prior to Nov 1st, the graduated fee schedule as previously posted will begin on November the 15th. This is considered a grace period. 

According to the Port of Los Angeles, “Starting Monday, we will be taking daily data snapshots of how long import containers sit on our container terminals,” said Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka. “If progress is being made clearing our docks, I have the discretion to delay the start of fees beyond Nov. 15. Our goal is to see significant improvement on our docks so that we don’t need to administer any fees.”  


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