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Ukraine: Operational Update 2.25.2022

DSV has stopped all activity in Ukraine following the dynamic situation developing in the country on Thursday, February 24th.

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As the situation continues to evolve, we are monitoring the implications for our operations closely. As an update to yesterday's advisory, please find below an operational update across all transport modes as of today, Friday, February 25th.


All air traffic to and from Ukraine has been stopped.

Ukraine is an important corridor for air traffic and re-routings are currently taking place, as Ukrainian airspace is closed. Russian air space is not yet closed. However, commercial carriers are making their own risk assessments and DSV expects that some will stop flying until they can reposition pilots to a new stopover location. We are re-routing some of our charter network from Asia to the US and Europe.

For the total market, DSV expects this will lead to a short-term loss of capacity, but no major impact is currently expected.


Several carriers have decided not to call any ports in Ukraine and will stop the acceptance of orders to and from Ukraine until further notice. Meanwhile, services in Russia remain available but are subject to change as the situation develops.

We are following the situation closely.


All road operations to, from, and inside Ukraine have stopped. 

Cargo in transit bound for Ukraine has been stopped and will return to origin. The situation is expected to affect road operations in other countries in the region. Drive shortages might intensify as Ukrainian truck drivers return home.

Rail - Asia to Europe

The majority (95%) of cargo trains from Asia to Europe do not transit through Ukraine and trains are being re-routed if relevant. Currently, we do not expect a significant impact rail operations.

We will continue to provide updates as they become necessary.

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