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DSV expands operations in the US and launches new air charter routes

DSV has established new operations at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, which will include two new air charter routes as well as its own airport hangar and ground-handling equipment. This will support DSV’s customers within the growing semiconductor industry in Arizona and strengthen its cross-border services to Latin America.

Air cargo charter plane being loaded with goods

The new Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport operations has strengthened DSV’s network in the US and provided additional capacity options to better suit customers’ needs. This will enable DSV to move cargo more efficiently and give customers additional control and flexibility over their shipments.

“The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport charter addition to our network within DSV provides us with a serious competitive edge against our competitors. The timing is right for this market, and DSV is leading the way. Offering cargo aircraft capacity with the ability to exclusively manage the ground handling significantly strengthens growth opportunity – not only for DSV but for our customers as well. This enables us to respond to a growing demand for services with premium customer care,” explains Niels Larsen, President DSV Air & Sea US.

New Air Charter routes

DSV’s two new Air Charter routes will connect Arizona with Europe and Asia, and are due to start regular scheduled flights later this spring. As an integrated part of the charter hub, the new routes will be a particular advantage during busy periods and congestion at other major hubs, where the charter service will provide predictability, capacity and reliability. Supporting this, the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport will be equipped with DSV handling equipment at a dedicated hangar where the chartered DSV flights will receive fast and efficient ground handling.

“DSV is the first transport and logistics provider to have a regularly scheduled cargo aircraft at the Mesa airport. So far, we have carried out two test flights on the new routes, and everything has gone according to plan,” explains Tina Larsen, Director of Project Management, and adds:

“A major advantage for our customers is that DSV is the only operation in the area with the ground equipment necessary to service a cargo aircraft. Additionally, the on-site hangar houses the equipment which allows our handling agents to service the flight as soon as it arrives at the airport. The advantage this service offers the area is exponential. We are reducing lead and recovery times while at the same time providing alternative routes to congestion.”

A strategically important area

In recent years, the state of Arizona has emerged as an increasingly important transport and logistics hub. Its proximity and favorable transport links to Latin America, and the development of industrial centers for a number of verticals, in particular the semiconductor industry, have all contributed to its growing status and strategic importance to DSV.

“The industrial developments we are seeing in Arizona right now are quite significant. This makes it a strategically important place for us to be, which is why we are now upscaling our operations in the area through the new air charter routes,” shares Niels Larsen. He continues:

“With these new service offerings, DSV can offer more routes to LATAM and Mexico. Furthermore, the Mesa airport plays perfectly into our strategy of using tier two airports to avoid long lead times, and it will also have a strong strategic importance for our ability to serve customers in the semiconductor segment.”

DSV’s new services have been bolstered by its recent agreement to acquire S&M Moving Systems West and Global Diversity Logistics. These acquisitions go hand-in-hand with DSV’s Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport operations and air charter expansion in Arizona.

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