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When French bottling and capping manufacturers Zalkin needed a complete set of industrial machines shipped to a customer in Mexico, they called DSV.

DSV’s Projects team arranged pickup from Zalkin and special shipment of the non-standard crates each weighing 3 tons in a flat rack container by ship from Le Havre in Northern France directly to Altamira in Mexico – a journey of 22 days at sea. From there, DSV’s Mexican team took over and shipped the crates onwards by road over 800 km to Zalkin’s customer in Zapopan.

The flat rack container meant that loading onto the ship had to be undertaken carefully, so DSV’s specially-trained personnel were on hand at that stage as well as every other part of the journey from factory to port and then port to end destination. This was not a regular container shipment and needed special handling.
Our partnership with DSV lets us satisfy our customers’ needs wherever they are in the world.

Alexandra Fleury, Transport & Shipping Manager, Zalkin

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About Zalkin

French company Zalkin manufactures and exports bottle capping machines worldwide. It has 300 employees and is a leader in capping technology.

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