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ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows duty and tax free temporary entry into 100 foreign countries.

What are the benefits of an ATA Carnet?

Reduces costs to exporters. Eliminates value-added taxes (VAT), duties and the posting of some form of security normally required at the time of importation.

Simplifies customs procedures. ATA Carnet is one document for all customs transactions. 

Serves as a US Customs Registration to ensure duty free re-entry to the US.

No Surprises. Arrangements are made in advance and paid for in US Dollars.

How long is an ATA Carnet valid?

Typically an ATA Carnet is valid for one year from date of issue. ATA Carnets can be used for unlimited exits and entries from the US and into foreign countries within the year period. There are a few options available for extending the time the goods can remain in the foreign country beyond the expiration of the original ATA Carnet. These options vary by country please contact your representative for details.

What merchandise can go on an ATA Carnet?

Everything and anything, as long as they are intended for commercial purposes and intended to return to the US.

Virtually all goods, including commercial samples, professional equipment and items for trade shows and exhibitions. 

Ordinary items such as computers, repair tools, photography and sound equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles, jewelry, wearing apparel, and diagnostic      equipment.

Extraordinary items such as Olympic horses, rare gems, human skulls, philharmonic orchestras and archeological treasures. 

What does not qualify for ATA Carnet?

ATA Carnets do not cover consumable goods, disposable items, repairs, replacement parts and personal cars to be driven on the open road.

What is Lost Document Coverage?

Replacing a lost ATA Carnet can result in costly replacement and delivery fees as well as lengthy delays. Purchasing lost document coverage at the time of your initial ATA Carnet application is a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate these potential risks. In the event your ATA Carnet document is lost or destroyed, a duplicate is quickly issued and shipped to you at no additional cost. Otherwise, standard basic fees apply.

How are ATA Carnets treated for traveling in the European Union?

With the recent expansion of the European Union, traveling in Europe is even easier with an ATA Carnet. Your goods must clear customs only once when they enter the EU and once when they depart; your ATA Carnet does not need to be presented when traveling between EU countries. 

What is a TECRO/AIT Carnet?

A TECRO/AIT Carnet is basically the same as an ATA Carnet but only for travel to and from Taiwan. The United States has a bilateral agreement with Taiwan. If you will be traveling to Taiwan and other countries, you will need to obtain both an ATA Carnet and a TECRO/AIT Carnet for the same goods. As part of our ATA Carnet service we can provide you with a TECRO/AIT Carnet. 

How do I get an ATA Carnet?

Obtaining an ATA Carnet is a quick and easy process. We can manage the application whether you are shipping your goods with us or hand carrying them yourself. Call us today!

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