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We understand the complexities and cycles of the supply chains required for successful telecom businesses and offer a range of logistics and transport solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

Keep production flowing smoothly

To ensure smooth production and prevent costly downtime in your telecom supply chain, we offer in-bound logistics solutions for just-in-time manufacturing. These services include inspection and registration of incoming goods, unloading and palletizing, checking goods for damage and defects and placement in the correct locations.

Assembly skill and experience

Our skilled teams offer assembly services to manufacture and customize your telecoms goods. We are experienced in assembly, configuration and validation of your products, such as printers, computers, mobile telephones, internet routers and TVs. We always meet customer and/or country-specific requirements and pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail.

Trusted transport partners

When your goods are ready to leave the manufacturing facility, we can help with transport solutions. We work with a network of trusted transport partners to ensure that your goods reach their destination in the condition you expect, whether you’re moving handsets or capital equipment.

To keep you up-to-date with transport, we offer real-time visibility solutions so that you always have the full overview of your cargo

Finished goods storage

We have a range of storage facilities for finished goods or for components used in assembly processes in the telecom industry. These facilities are designed to meet your storage needs for high-value and often sensitive cargo and many are temperature-controlled with extra levels of security and surveillance.

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Supporting a more circular supply chain

Our telecoms team offers a reverse logistics service to make it easy for products to be returned and processed. This can also include repair and recycling services to prolong the lifetime of your products or transform waste.

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A focus on quality throughout

Whatever your telecoms supply chain, we have a number of tools that ensure high quality throughout. From our Perfect Performance Program that improves accuracy on an ongoing basis to manual inspection and real-time tracking dashboards, we strive to maintain the highest levels of accuracy in all our operations.

Making it simple to navigate global trade

 As a global transport and logistics player, we have knowledge of customs and brokerage in all countries. We can assist with cross-border movement of goods and ensure smooth customs clearance to all destinations.

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