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If you work with global trade and find you spend too much time managing classification and tariff codes, the DSV Customs Classification team is ready to help.

Our experts are fully trained in all aspects of customs classification compliance so you can get your documentation created quickly – and most importantly, accurately.  We ensure that products are thoroughly analyzed and matched to the relevant tariff numbers so you can avoid any delays and disputes associated with non-compliance. Each classification is supported by a set of additional details including a full audit trail.

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Whether you need the assurance of a team of experts on hand, or an ad-hoc on-demand reporting service, we can help. Furthermore, as a customer, you also have access to our Center of Excellence containing a growing database on validated HTS codes supported by a detailed audit trail. 

Pricing of the DSV Customs Compliance Service is transparent and we can also help your business make further savings by eliminating compliance gaps. 

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