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Duty Drawback

Need an expert on your side when dealing with duties and taxes on imports? Our Duty Drawback program is just for you.

The drawback process can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team of specialists are well prepared to support your company through this program. Whether your interest is Manufacturing, Unused, or Rejected Drawback, DSV will guide you through not only understanding the process – but providing the end result. We will determine your eligibility and provide recommended filing options.

Why should I explore Duty Drawback?

DSV can assist you with the following services, as it relates to your duty drawback:

  • Preparation and Submission of Manufacturer’s Drawback Ruling
  • Preparation and Submission of all requests for Special Privileges (Accelerated Payment, Waiver of Prior Notice, One-Time Waiver of Prior Notice)
  • Preparation and Filing of all Duty Drawback Claims
  • On-site follow-up with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to ensure timely payment of Duty Drawback Claims
  • Duty Drawback Audit Services
  • Record Retention Management
  • Complete Management of the claimant’s Duty Drawback account 

If you believe that your goods qualify for Duty Drawback, we can provide you with a more detailed description for any of the conditions listed above.

For a free, no obligation assessment of your company's drawback potential, complete our Duty Drawback Questionnaire and return it to

Duty Deferral Opportunity

Duty deferral can be utilized when importing goods that will be subsequently exported to Canada or Mexico.

Duty Optimization

Duty rules are complicated. We can help.

With hundreds of countries around the globe with ever-changing rules and regulations, it can seem impossible to keep track of the latest information on all of your imports and exports. Our team of professionals understand the complexities of these payments and will ensure your duties are optimized - you pay exactly what you owe and avoid costly mistakes.

Reach out to your local DSV representative to reduce your duty headaches.

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