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International trade is a complex world of rules, tariffs, duties, and taxes. Let us guide you through it. 

Trade compliance is the umbrella term for adherence to the regulations in place between any two countries when importing or exporting goods. This can include duties, taxes, risk determination, classification, and more. Not paying the correct amount of duties can result in large fines from the government and delays at ports of entry. It is important to determine the current specific duty rates from all possible government agencies, and DSV can do just that.

How we can help:

  • Additional Tariffs – once your product is properly classified, we will determine whether your good is subject to additional tariffs. Furthermore, we will assist in filing for Section 301 and Section 232 exclusions when applicable.
  • Free Trade Agreements - FTAs can change or be halted, resulting in unexpected changes. DSV alerts you to any unnecessary duties you may be paying.
  • Antidumping and Countervailing Duties - your products could be subject to ADD/CVD; let our experts do the research.
  • Partner Government Agencies - we are able to determine if your product is subject to any PGAs.
  • Protests and Post Entry Summary Corrections - we will file these for previous transactions by other brokers.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Confirmation - our team ensures your goods comply with IPR guidelines.

Reach out today to get your supply chain into compliance and stop paying for filing mistakes.

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