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HMRC (NCTS Guarantee Issue)

Please be informed that the Guarantee Management System within HMRC NCTS is currently down, which has resulted in errors in transit guarantee validity, the situation ultimately prevents communication between the DSV system and the UK customs system.

We have been advised by the NCTS helpdesk that a resolution is expected shortly, which will then allow all message exchanges. However, until the resolution, we will not be able to submit any transit documents with guarantees.

Consequently, DSV currently has various trailers in the UK unable to export due to the severity of the situation.

The errors are related to the UK HMRC customs system, so will affect the whole of the UK. We are actively working with the NCTS helpdesk to resolve these issues and will do our utmost to resume a normal service as quickly as we can, your patience however is appreciated at this time. 

Should you require further information on a particular shipment, please contact your local representative.

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